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Integrating Traditional Medicine with Western Medicine

Name: Anthony OLUSOLA Course Title:Medical Anthropology Topic:Traditional and Bio-Medical Practice: Integrating customary and current frameworks in the Nigerian medicinal services conveyance. Examination Question: To what degree, assuming any, has conventional medication in contrast with Bio-Medical practice, been fused to the social insurance conveyance frameworks in Nigeria and what amount of advancement is given to the essentialness and viability of the act of customary medication in relieving same sickness? Abstract:The practice of customary medication among the individuals of Nigeria in the Western locale of Africa rises above the approach of Bio-Medicine and involves a noticeable situation in the conveyance of social insurance. Lion's share of the rustic inhabitants just as considerable extent of the urban tenants depend on customary medication for answers for ailment and mending. Countless Nigerians living abroad depend firmly on the viability of conventional herbs for clinica l treatment, paying little heed to their degree of training and cost of shipping such home grown medication to their nation of residence.However, a few progressive governments in Nigeria have kept on dismissing the indigenous human services techniques in their wellbeing strategy. This paper inspects the pertinence of conventional medication and its commitments to human services conveyance frameworks in Nigeria, and the rate at which individuals decide on elective clinical intercessions as achieved by the unavailability of present day medication just as the budgetary ramifications. Against these backgrounds, this paper proposes significant acknowledgment for conventional clinical practice and its conceivable reconciliation into the nation’s human services conveyance framework. Clinical framework in Nigeria: An examinationWhereas wellbeing is the most valuable of all things and it is the establishment of all satisfaction, customary medication, in light of the wellbeing needs of the individuals, created as a vital piece of the different networks in Nigeria and its training goes back in time, some time before the approach of present day innovation and developments. It truth be told, assumes a gigantic job in giving a feeling of personality and otherworldliness to the individuals of Nigeria. Truly, conventional medication mirrors the social-strict structures of the indigenous social orders from which it rises, alongside the qualities, convictions, practices and practices created over the years.The organization of customary medication is directed by a conventional healer or senior, regularly viewed as local specialists, who dealt with their patients utilizing concentrates of plants, creatures and mineral substances just as different techniques dependent on the social, social and strict convictions of the network. Such individual is likewise viewed as all around grounded in the overall information, perspectives, and convictions in the network about physical, m ental and social prosperity and the reason for infections and incapacities (WHO, 1976).The clinical administrations gave by this individual is generally worthy among the individuals both in the provincial and the urban regions. As indicated by World Health Organization, customary medication is the totality of information and practices, regardless of whether reasonable or not, utilized in diagnosing, forestalling or wiping out a physical, mental or social dis-harmony and which depend only on past encounters and perceptions passed on from age to age, whether verbally or recorded as a hard copy (WHO,1976).With this definition, it tends to be contended that the act of conventional information is established in the top to bottom intelligence and adaptability of the head on the causality of sicknesses, yet additionally the requirement for a solid network without essentially depleting the individuals of their funds consequently making human services available and moderate. Be that as it ma y, regardless of the significance of conventional medication, it has unbelievably endured disregard and non-acknowledgment by the nation’s wellbeing creating and arranging agencies.More consideration is constantly attracted to the cutting edge clinical framework with practically zero worry for the availability of this framework too and its moderateness. The supportability of a normal family in Nigeria is esteemed at under 5 dollars per day. Despite the government’s relational word on the foundation of a human services framework that is promotive, defensive, preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitative to each resident of the nation inside the accessible assets with the goal that people and networks are guaranteed of efficiency, social prosperity nd pleasure in living (F. M. H. 1988), the framework, as is as of now rehearsed is extremely insufficient in contrast with the Nigerian developing populace and moderate paced monetary turn of events. As per the wellbeing labor me asurements, the proportion of the enrolled clinical specialists as against the population’s need is put at 1:1,100 with present day clinical offices being managed in uber urban areas and little or none made accessible at the rustic areas.As an aftereffect of absence of oversight or sufficient arrangement for the basic needs of clinical experts, specialists in many cases are confronted with the honest choice to drive to the provincial zones to control Medicare on cash based costs, which sooner or later gets difficult to continue. Therefore the individuals in the country region are left under the watchful eye of the customary healer, who in the end fix their infections with less charges than the bio-clinical practice accordingly sparing the patients some money.The updates on the adequacy of the conventional clinical organization before long spreads to the urban communities and an inflow of voyagers is experienced for meeting and clinical consideration. In certain clinical cases , present day clinical specialists would allude a specific patient with ailment considered hopeless utilizing current prescriptions to customary healers hence further reaffirming the degree to which conventional medication comprise significant wellspring of clinical consideration for some individuals paying little heed to their riches or level of education.Unfortunately, the impact of globalization and entrepreneur hypothesis has eaten profound into the Nigerian government to such an extent that the individual gains or benefits of the approach creators and that of those at the hall of influence is evaluated high and considered generally significant than the wellbeing and recuperating of the residents. Much ado is made on the requirement for the country to find current world in science and innovation yet the nation’s economy, as it is by and by, can't promptly meet the significant expense of present day human services and the trend setting innovation.

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Advantages of Brands

A solid brand offers numerous points of interest for advertisers including: Brands give various tangible improvements to upgrade client acknowledgment. For instance, a brand can be outwardly unmistakable from its bundling, logo, shape, and so on. It can likewise be unmistakable by means of sound, for example, hearing the name on a radio ad or chatting with somebody who makes reference to the item. Clients who are visit and eager buyers of a specific brand are probably going to become Brand Loyal. Developing brand steadfastness among clients is a definitive compensation for effective advertisers since these clients are far less inclined to be tempted to change to different brands contrasted with non-faithful clients. All around created and advanced brands put forth item situating attempts progressively successful. The outcome is that upon introduction to a brand (e. g. , hearing it, seeing it) clients invoke mental pictures or sentiments of the advantages they get from utilizing that brand. The converse is surprisingly better. At the point when clients partner benefits with a specific brand, the brand may have accomplished a huge upper hand. In these circumstances the client who remembers he needs an answer for an issue (e. g. , requirements to dye garments) may consequently consider one brand that offers the answer for the issue (e. g. , Clorox). This â€Å"benefit = brand† affiliation gives a critical bit of leeway to the brand that the client partners with the advantage looked for. Firms that set up a fruitful brand can expand the brand by including new items under the equivalent â€Å"family† brand. Such marking may permit organizations to present new items all the more effectively since the brand is now perceived inside the market. Solid brands can prompt money related favorable circumstances through the idea of Brand Equity in which the brand itself gets important. Such gains can be acknowledged through the out-right offer of a brand or through permitting game plans. For instance, Company A may have an all around perceived (Brand X) inside a market yet for reasons unknown they are hoping to amass their endeavors in different markets. Organization B is hoping to enter a similar market as Brand X. On the off chance that conditions are correct Company A could offer to Company B the rights to utilize the Brand X name without selling some other piece of the organization. That is, Company A just offers the lawful rights to the Brand X name yet holds every single other piece of Brand X, for example, the creation offices and workers. In instances of all around created brands such an exchange may convey a huge sticker price. Hence, through solid marking endeavors Company An accomplishes an enormous monetary benefit by basically giving up the rights to the name. Be that as it may, for what reason would Company B look to buy a brand for such a significant expense tag? Since by purchasing the brand Company B has just accomplished a significant promoting objective †building mindfulness inside the objective market. The reality the market is now be acquainted with the brand permits the Company B to focus on other showcasing choices. We give more detail on marking in the Managing Products instructional exercise with an extraordinary accentuation on the techniques advertisers follow so as to fabricate a solid brand.

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The Souls of Black Folk Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Souls of Black Folk - Research Paper Example The book starts with a presentation, which is incredibly delightful and appealing, â€Å"Herein lie covered numerous things which whenever read with tolerance may show the weird significance of being dark here at the unfolding of the Twentieth Century. This importance isn't without enthusiasm to you, Gentle Reader; for the issue of the Twentieth Century is the issue of shading line. I implore you at that point, get my book in all foundation, considering my words with me, excusing slip-up and weakness for the confidence and enthusiasm that is in me, and looking for the trace of legitimacy covered up there†(p.1). The first and second part of the book reveals insight into the historical backdrop of the Black people. Besides, it likewise features the imperfections of the legislature that brought about the type of confusion to a great extent in the south. The way that Dubios receives to clarify how the past pioneers didn't oversee things appropriately is fantastic. For instance, the third area of the book examines Booker T. Washington, a dark head who is seriously denounced for not giving quality training to the Blacks. Dubios for the most part underscores on the requirement for instruction, the fourth and the fifth bits of the book manage enlightenment as it were. As he would like to think, He differs to the idea of dark individuals not securing college instruction. I discovered this line rousing when he says, â€Å"Progress in human issues is more regularly a draw than a push†¦..thus it was no mishap that bring forth colleges hundreds of years before the normal schools, that made reasonable Harvard the principal blossom of our wilderness†(p. 53). These words to be sure have weight since college capability is normally viewed as significant for just the privileged. In any case, this comment by Du Bios could likewise be reprimanded by numerous individuals, on the grounds that du Bois was the main dark individual who procured a degree from Harvard. Henceforth, some hypothetical issues like these that could be raised by individuals like researchers or specialists. Also, race is another

Assessing Globalization In Saudi Arabia

Evaluating Globalization In Saudi Arabia Globalization is characterized as a procedure where individuals organizations and legislatures of various nations communicate and incorporate among one another. This procedure has been seen as driven by worldwide exchange and is likewise essentially helped by data innovation. Since we are increasingly keen on its impact on the financial state of Saudi Arabia, thus the term that is of more noteworthy significance for us is the term monetary globalization that alludes to the combination of national economies to frame a worldwide economy. When discussing monetary globalization we are increasingly keen on knowing the remote direct ventures, movement, capital streams and the spread of innovation for a nation. The procedure of globalization influences nature, culture financial turns of events, flourishing and the physical prosperity of people. As individuals going to better places and performing business at better places affect the individuals of that spot and along these lines we can say that globalization has brought about extending of social limits the world over. In spite of the fact that globalization is thought of as a generally new procedure however on the off chance that we go inside and out history we find that globalization has been influencing the individuals around the globe for a considerable length of time. In the event that we go into the history we discover indications of globalization since China and Europe were associated with one another through the popular Silk Road in the Middle Ages. In the event that we the highlights of contrast current influx of globalization and the time not long before the First World War in 1914 we find that there are numerous similitudes In spite of the fact that there have been cases of globalization since antiquated occasions however the speed at which the world globalized was never equivalent to it is in the present time. The fundamental purpose behind this have been innovative headways and the approaches actualized by the nations in the previous hardly any decades. Delving into the subtleties of figures we find that the volume of world exchange has become multiple times of its volume in the year 1950. The pace of globalization can likewise be seen by watching the remote speculations occurring the world over. Watching this factor our announcement gets much more help as streams of outside ventures were seen to be multiplied in a range of only two years in the period from 1997 to 1999 when they expanded from $468 billion to $827 billion. In this way watching these figures we can say that the globalization today is occurring at an a lot quicker rate than it has ever been before. Watching the expansion in the pace of globalization it is critical to watch the components behind this fast increment in the pace of globalization around the globe. The approaches received by the legislatures of different nations around the globe have filled in as a quickening agent for globalization. The arrangements of governments around the globe since the subsequent world have prompted opening up of economies around the globe. The nations have received free market monetary frameworks around the globe. These means have prompted various open doors for global exchange and ventures. It has additionally been seen that different limitations on remote exchanges and speculations have been loose in the course of recent years particularly the most recent two decades. In this way these strategies have helped in the accomplishing the point of worldwide, modern and money related business structure. Since the Second World War the lawmakers have been wanting to separate outskirts that hampered exchanges the procedure they have discovered a few worldwide foundations planned to see that this procedure could be handily encouraged. Organizations like World Bank and International Monetary reserve (IMF) were arrangement all the while. There were numerous concessions to opening up of exchanges after the Second World War which prompted the development of General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). From that point forward World Trade Organization (WTO), which was found as aftereffect of understandings marked under GATT has been working with a point of advancing Global exchanges openly. As referenced above innovation has filled in as one of the key drivers for globalization. Data Technology specifically has assumed an emotional job in changing monetary life around the globe and has assumed a key job in advancing globalization it has brought customers, financial specialists, business together by methods for web and web based business. It has brought all the data from around the globe accessible to every individual who wishes to gain admittance to the data. It has brought about quicker and progressively point by point investigation of financial patterns, has made the exchange of benefits simpler and has likewise made correspondence between far off individuals a lot simpler. History of Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia, the country of Arabs is likewise viewed as the spot of start of the second biggest religion-Islam. The sacred urban areas of Mecca and Medina are arranged in Saudi Arabia which pulls in an enormous number of explorers every year to the nation. Ibn Saud who administered from 1882-1953 is viewed as the fundamental maker of the realm of Saudi Arabia. Ibn Saud was a relative of Wahhabi pioneers and rose out as a pioneer of the Arab patriot development. The revelation of oil in 1936 filled in as an achievement for Saudi Arabia as Saudi Arabia is a significant maker of oil and has tremendous stores of oil since antiquated occasions. With the start of business creation of oil during the World War II enormous incomes began streaming into the nation consequently prompting a lot of riches for the nation. Thus free medicinal services and instruction were given to the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia with no assortment of duties. Saudi Arabia was allowed to become to be the sanction individual from United Nations despite the fact that it was impartial during the World War II. The nation turned into an individual from the Arab association in 1945 and assumed a significant job in the 1948-49 war against Israel and still doesn't perceive Israel as a nation. The year 1953 denoted the demise of the lord that is considered as the maker of the realm of Saudi Arabia. With the passing of Ibn Saud multi year long rule of his child Saud started. Sauds rul e was set apart by expanding antagonistic vibe of Egypts Gamal Abdel Nasser towards radical Arabism. In 1964 Saud was ousted and supplanted by the Prime Minister. Crown Prince Faisal was designated as the PM of Saudi Arabia. Faisal didn't give any military help to Egypt during the 1967 Arab Israel war however gave just vocal help. Faisal was killed in 1975 by a corrupted brother. This death shook the Middle East however Faisals realm stayed unperturbed and he was prevailing by his sibling Prince Khalid. Sovereign Khalids bolster Egypt during arrangements on withdrawal of Israel from Sinai desert was very persuasive. Lord Khalid passed on because of a respiratory failure in 1982. Lord Khalids stepbrother, Prince Fahd Bin Abdulaziz turned into the replacement of Prince Khalid yet he picked his relative Abdullah as the crown sovereign. With the dread of turning out to be Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeinis next objective if Iraq was vanquished by Iran Saudi Arabia alongside littler oil rich conditions of the Arab on the Persian Gulf made gigantic money related commitments during the 1980s towards Iraqi war exertion. Because of rationed endeavors of oil expending countries and Saudi Arabia being cheated by different individuals from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) prompted a decrease in oil costs. The incomes originating from oil into Saudi Arabia decreased from $120 billion to $25 billion inside a range of 5 years from 1980 to 1985. Subsequent to enduring a weakening stroke, King Fahd passed his specialists to Crown Prince Abdullah. In 1998 Saudi Arabia entered its first downturn in quite a while when its oil salary fell by 40% because of an overall abatement in oil costs. A review of Saudi Arabias economy and the condition of their monetary advancement: During the most recent fifty years the economy of Saudi Arabia has created at a quick pace as the Saudi state has been set up and extended. The nation is monetarily exceptionally assorted however the pay originating from oil incomes has assumed a noteworthy job in the improvement of the state by the assistance of current organizations of administration. It would have been very hard to think about a different condition of before the revelation of oil. Before 1930s the district which later went under the territory of Saudi was formed od a few locales with various areas relying upon various items for their pay. The Hijaz which was a western territory, for instance was reliant primarily on means farming, significant distance exchanges and explorers staying with the sacred spots of Mecca and Medina as a wellspring of income for the state. Since there numerous deserts in Saudi Arabia and the everyday environments were very threatening because of its unforgiving atmosphere and absence of water there was an immense topographical partition between individuals of the nation as the majority of the populace accumulated at places where water was accessible. The impact from the outside world was very immaterial an as it was hard to go inside the nation as well as the nation needed characteristic assets that could pull in individuals from outside. There three headliners that have prompted the present structure of the Saudi Arabian economy. These occasions were the revelation of oil only six years after the foundation of Saudi Arabia, the revamping of Europe after the World War II which was extraordinarily founded on industrialization and the expanding request of oil. Every one of these occasions filled in as an impetus in expanding the development pace of Saudi Arabia and prompted upgrade in its position. With the disclosure of oil there was a tremendous increment in incomes streaming into Saudi Arabia and the nation saw a colossal increment in the treasury during the standard of Abd Al Aziz Al in Abd otherwise called Rahman Saud from 1932 to 1953. This inflow of assets helped him to apply more prominent financial and political authority over the regions under his influence. This control pushed him to im

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Christian Faith In A Postmodern Context Theology Religion Essay

Christian Faith In A Postmodern Context Theology Religion Essay The book composed by Lieven Boeve, Interrupting Tradition: An Essay on Christian Faith in a Postmodern Context bargains about his argumentations on the new setting that provokes Christian custom to recontextualise itself. The way that the Catholic Church and the Catholic confidence offers importance to life and presence confronting the new reality as of late wherein the transmission of the Christian convention is a battle in an enormous piece of Western Europe especially in Flanders. Boeve partitioned the book into three sections contain three to four parts each. The initial segment manages explaining the circumstance where the Christian custom gets itself. Section two shows an extreme showdown between the Christian confidence and innovation, and section three gives an authentic line of thought to the current day and offer an investigation of the issue of basic life alternatives (postmodern setting). In the initial three sections, Boeve disk convention and its improvement from present day and postmodern setting. Convention, which characterizes as conviction, went down in a general public that can by and by be experienced. In Christian convention, it is obvious that these convictions show a significant job in the very establishments of Christianity. The insignificant actuality that fact has history driven the scholars on the possibility of the improvement of custom. Hence, it is for sure fundamental by the progression of time that each move in setting involves a test to the Christian convention to reformulate itself in exchange in present setting. This is done through a procedure of recontextualisation where it shows a reality that convention is experiencing a procedure of improvement. In accordance with this piece of the book shows custom saw in the advanced setting that has something to do with social modernisation process where secularization to which strict convention lost its essential job as hotspot for human qualities, and the speculation of qualities presents that regard in worth and truth was just practical just in private field. On the others hand, these development prompts another point of view which is the modernitys ace accounts where human want of progress in his own specific manner. In the postmodern setting, it sees custom with an authoritative end. This happened due to the essential issues confronting it individualisation and pluralisation. Boeve in this piece of the book shows not so much the finish of the custom yet rather it shows a more extensive viewpoint, that an individual ought to have an individual reflexive choice that must be knowledgeable about confidence yet it lies consistently the truth of picking since this stay an alternative. To some extent two, confidence in the postmodern setting prompts an examination between an open and shut story, which shows a more clear view, all the more significantly with the significance of the open account which provides a satisfactory open door for a recontextualisation of the Christian account in our postmodern setting. From these, Boeve shows way that leads shut account towards an open story and experience the cutting edge understanding of amazing quality. Boeve, at long last handles in the last piece of the book about the establishment of an open Christian story. This arrangements with the recontextualisation of Christian story in the genuine setting. It appears here in offering reason to a Christian story. This reason appeared by the creator is finished by God who certainly uncovered Godself in a particular human individual which is Jesus. It likewise expressed in this part about the negative religious philosophy. It is the creators goal that through this negative religious philosophy, may see the interference of Christian stories by God that the God who is unlimited, covered up missing despite everything can be uncovered. Moreover, Christianity Interrupted by the world religions, Boeve pictures various stories as a method of clarifying Christianity hindered by the world religions. In the current day circumstance, we may incorporate ourselves having various accounts in light of the fact that considering scanning for truth, we are connecting on a similar truth of being visually impaired or having alternate point of view majority. It can likewise resemble the anecdote of the ring, which demonstrates and attempts to uncover who is the best among religions and who had a definitive hold to reality, yet in accordance with the understanding, nobody can guarantee as the best holder of reality. Last judgment is conceded until God comes. At the last piece of the book, which is the epilog, Boeve close with a reflection on the situation of the Christian in the contemporary world. It is plainly expressed here that confidence is not, at this point a socio-basic choice however it is a veritable confidence choice as an unequivocal decision for the Christian account to fabricate human system for a specific story. Confidence as a confidence alternative infers a strictly spurred basic awareness. Ultimately, the substance of the confidence at long last under the weights of innovation, one may pick up only uselessness. In any case, Boeve shows still a positive result behind this circumstance that one may deceived yet soon he will locate the correct bearing. Intruding on Tradition viably shows the circumstance of Christian confidence in the postmodern setting by giving a point of view about the present circumstance of the convention. This is the truth in that moves custom to be recontextualised itself. The writer accomplished his objective by giving this book a title that is significant and truly interferes with convention. In like manner, it additionally intrudes on the peruser by indicating contentions and realities of the truth looking by custom. This book presents another comprehension in the piece of the peruser that in the end influences his own point of view and to know about the Christian convention confronting a situation. It likewise gives material that can lead an individual to reconsider what he accepts. All things considered, despite the fact that this is the truth, each peruser of this book must increase enough mental fortitude to participate in an exchange and go to praxis. In addition, in the wake of perusing this book we end loaded with trust with solidarity to confront the new tomorrow and expressing gratitude toward God for giving us our own convention as a wellspring of establishment of our Christianity. We are in the murkiness yet before long locate the light. As what is expressed in the last piece of the epilog (p. 183), Perhaps such an open idea might be contrasted and a compass that, any place one might be on the planet, consistently focuses north and subsequently causes one finding the correct heading to follow.

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Upcoming scholarships and deadlines COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Upcoming scholarships and deadlines COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog The SIPA Financial Aid Office maintains a database of external funding opportunities, and we wanted to alert students to some upcoming application deadlines. For more external scholarship awards, visit our External Fellowships and Funding Sources  page. American Water Works Association Scholarships Requirements: Scholarships for students pursuing careers related to water supply and related fields Deadline: December 2, 2019 Margaret McNamara Education Grants Requirements: Applicants must be at least 25 years old at the time of the application deadline, a national of a country listed on the MMEG Country Eligibility list, enrolled for a full academic term after award and not related to a World Bank Group, IMF or Inter-American Development Bank. Deadline: January 15, 2020 Boren Graduate Fellowships Requirements: Applicants must be US citizens planning an overseas program that meets home institution standards in a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Deadline: January 29, 2020 Lint Center for National Security Scholarships Requirements: Scholarships provided to Counterintelligence and National Security Workers, their children and scholars, and to advance the study of National Security, cross-cultural studies, and global understanding. Deadline: January 31, 2020 Straus Historical Society Scholarship Requirements: Applicants must be US citizens preparing for a career in public service. Deadline: January 31, 2020

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Controversies in organ donation - Free Essay Example

Organ donation is a topic that can cause quite the controversy. To some being an organ donor is one of the most generous things you could ever do. But to others, well they just dont fully understand the importance of donating your organs and why its important. By donating organs you are literally saving thousands of lives. Why would you want to see an innocent person die? Are you that heartless or have you not fully grasped to the importance of this. Here in the United States, there is a major shortage of organs. According to the United Network for Organ Sharing, there is an overwhelming number of people who are in need of a life-saving transplant. 117,000 people to be exact. In a chart constructed by the United Network for Organ, it states that 95% of adult Americans support organ donation in theory, but only 54% have actually signed up to be donors. which is absolutely absurd. Journalist Paul Hsieh says that doctors and organ donor advocates are frustrated by the lack of peoples will to donate. Which is immensely understandable. There are many organs you can donate. For example, the heart, kidney, and lung can all be donated. In an article titled Should The Government Require Your Consent To Be An Organ Donor. it basically states that organ donor advocates have proposed to change the United States state law. What they are proposing is for hospitals to switch from an opt-in system to an opt-out system. Which is one of the best ideas for them to propose. unless your religion is against it then that law wouldnt be a problem to uphold. You still people who will try to argue that they have the right to their own body. Which is true but think about all the people you could save. Instead of being ignorant of the fact that people will have your organs, you should really think about the lives that you could save. Other things people may say is that dont want to be an organ donor is because of their religion. Unless you are a Jehovahs Witness or Shinto you should still be considered for for the opt-in law. On the website it states that Jehovahs witnesses do not believe that when one donates their organs they must make sure all of the blood must be removed first. they follow this because of their strict rule on blood transfusions. This website also states that Shintos believe that messing with dead bodys are a sin and is a very serious crime. To them the body should stay pure and never be disturbed. Some may argue that they cant live/ function without their organs. Witch is totally not true. The myths that people come up with is just a bunch of nonsense. One of the myths is that Im too old. The truth is that you are never to old to be an organ donor, what matters is your health and the condition of your organs are in when you die. Another one is that If im in a coma they could take my organs.. The majority of deceased organ donors have to be declared brain dead. Being brain dead is not the same thing as being in a coma ! People anc recover from a coma but being brain dead is final. And lastly is My family will have to pay for the donation. There is no cost whatsoever for you to give your organs. In conclusion, being an organ donor is the human thing to do. You are practically saving thousands of lives. The recipient may be you or even your family members. You should always consider being an organ donor , because you never know whos in need of one. So its very important to have that thought in mind the next time you are asked. Being an organ donor is not a right its the human thing to do.